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Spray Foam Benefits

Whether it is whole home insulation, retro-fitting an existing attic or spraying foam in a basement, spray foam insulation solutions applied by Hassy Holdings will have a dramatic effect on your monthly energy consumption.

Typical applications may see a result of a 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs. Important to note, is not only will a great reduction in energy consumption be produced, a vast reduction in your carbon emissions will also be seen in correspondence with the reduction of energy usage.

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Spray Foam Insulation
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Typical applications may see a result of a 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs

Moisture Control

Moisture Control

Spray foam nearly eliminates all unwanted moisture intrusion and mould issues

Stops Air Infiltration

Air Barrier

Spray foam does not sag, settle, or shrink over time stopping air infiltration

Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air quality is a major concern. Spray foam insulation battles this problem in two ways. Foam insulation is devoid of emissions and contaminants. It also improves the situation by nearly eliminating all unwanted moisture intrusion and related mold issues. This is also good news for people suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments.

Environmental Benefits

Spray foam insulation may be the best thing for the environment in an array of environmentally-friendly products. It emits no CO2 of its own while it reduces heating and cooling related emissions by about 50% for new constructions and by even more in certain retrofit situations. Foam insulation will last for the life of the building, and will deliver peak performance. No formaldehyde, no ozone-depleting ingredients and no emissions of any kind – environmentally friendly.

Sound Control

Sound waves are transmitted by different media, including air. The most drastic noise dampening occurs when the home or building is completely airtight. The super soft nature of open cell foam insulation not only provides an extraordinary air seal but also absorbs secondary reverberations for excellent sound dampening properties.

No Health Issues

Unlike more traditional methods of insulation in today’s markets, spray foam insulation is free of all HFAs, HCFCs, HFCs, and formaldehyde. Once spray foam has cured and is in place, the final product is chemically dead and contains no health risks.

Pinnacle Spray Foam

Engineered to meet the toughest building code standards

Hassy Holdings uses Pinnacle’s line of spray foam insulation meeting the latest demand trends for energy-efficiency and green construction. Unsurpassed air barrier and high R-value gives Pinnacle spray foam a distinct advantage over other insulating products, providing homeowner’s financial savings of 50% or more off of their heating and cooling bills.